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Pearl Choker Collar featured in Waterfront Magazine Editorial

Well, we are 8 months into this pandemic and yet this editorial run seems like just yesterday.

We were invited to be a part of this dynamic photoshoot for waterfront Magazine... It is an upscale magazine that reaches out to a higher-end clientele in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

We featured our pearl collar - 7 rows deep of white pearls and crystals of varying sizes, accented with a single black bow. We have created so many different pieces that attach and accentuate this necklace, including bracelets and earrings... but the truth is, with this piece you don't need any other piece of jewelry.

This collar was created with a bride in mind, although it is easily adaptable into your wardrobe for any black-tie event... as you can see from this photoshoot that we did not style, but were quite happy with the results.

This piece (we would strongly encourage) can be worn with a once in a lifetime wedding dress, black or white suit, or even jeans with a collared button-up white shirt. If you are wearing a colorful dress or suit, we would strongly suggest getting the matching bracelet.

This piece is for someone with confidence and is assured of who she is... This classical piece was inspired by the sophisticated women of the 1920s... One of my absolute favorite eras in fashion.

Since this piece a custom design, it has to be made to your exact size... too small and it just won't fit since it is not a stretchy piece... too big and it will slack off your neck.

Reach out if you are interested in having this piece made for your special day, or a special event. Since it is custom made, it can be made in any color freshwater pearl or glass pearls.

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