Supporting Team Canada with the

Official Bishop & Medusa Team Canada Bracelets and Necklaces

that will take them to the Commonwealth Games 

Oh, Team Canada

Handcrafted with precision to support the dedicated athletes of Team Canada in all their strengths.

Wear your support proud & let's get Team Canada's athletes to the Commonwealth Games in 2022.

Our Mission

Through partnering with

Team Canada,

Commonwealth Games 2022 Canada,

we are working diligently,

designing and creating exclusive pieces

that are not only on mark aesthically,

but also in quality,

18 k gold plated on stainless, or brass,

jewelry pieces,

Through each piece of jewelry sold

from this collection,

a portion of sales goes to 

supporting Next-Gen Athletes

in realizing their dreams.

Our Vision

Show unified support for Team Canada through the purchase of bracelets and necklaces which have been made to support our athletes.


Together we Stand