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Romance Is In The Details

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Romance is a key factor on your wedding day, but don’t overlook the details.

Every woman is finding her own path, dressed in her own cloak of confidence… our pieces merely help to accentuate the look and feel you are aiming for. Our Wedding Couture Jewelry Line is for every bride… Every mother of the bride, and every mother of the groom… along with your wedding party.

At Bishop & Medusa, we are very proud of our custom couture wedding jewelry line. It is elegant, timeless, and versatile. This museum-worthy necklace ensures you can adjust the length; allowing you to double up the strands. Hand strung, 4 tiers of white and grey pearls of varying sizes combine to create a juxtaposition. The color selection of this necklace complements the natural grey shadowing of the gown's bodice. And finally, our finishing touch, every Bishop & Medusa necklace is finished with our signature crystal embedded wing next to the closure clasp, and in this case, next to a white satin bow. Our pieces are designed to include the clasps as an accent, lending to both the function and the esthetic.

Elegance and quality-driven; we have tapped into the essence of a quality piece… on every design. Just as we truly believe that every woman has a muse that dances within, we

believe that every bride wants a piece of jewelry that is as unforgettable as her special day

Photography: Matteo D’Agostino Photography: Matthew Schibler Styled By: Victoria Franciosa

Bishop & Medusa Inspire the Muse Within Big Yellow Bird Marketing & Advertising Fine Creative Design & Print for Business Marketing & Advertising Editorial As seen in JoLee Magazine

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