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This Year: Give A Gift That Does Good


After the year that we have just had, more than ever, it is important that we look after one another. This year, Bishop & Medusa is participating in a self discovered event with Million Dollar Smiles. We have put together 50 packets of "Mystery Grab Bags" with jewelry that surpases the cost of a mere $25.00 by double, and in most cases, triple the value... Some of the mystery bags even surpass the value by over 100.00... But that's not even the best part... The best part is that $5.00 from each and every single bag is going to Million Dollar Smiles.

Million Dollar Smiles is working with Children who are fighting life threatening diseases, giving them a chance to smile through the storm. Million Dollar Smiles is truly making a difference.

Each bag comes already wrapped with ribbon and has a Christmas Card that lets the receiver know that through the purchase of their gift, a donation was made to Million Dollar Smiles. That their gift is paying it forward.

$5.00 from each bag will go to Million Dollar Smiles

A new sparkling piece of jewelry is always welcome, but even better when it's supporting a cause that is close to everyone's heart.

Please support with your purchase. You can arrange a pick-up with either myself or Anna or even do a curb-side pick up (even through the website) at

We are "almost" SOLD OUT - Please help keep the momentum going

"Mystery Grab Bags" supporting Million Dollar Smiles

Only $25 for a "$75 to + $100 Value"

*Help Put a Smile on a Childs Face"

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