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Wear Canada Proud

We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Commonwealth Sport Canada to support Team Canada and get our athletes to the Commonwealth Games in England this summer...

Not long ago, there was a time when we would flood stadiums and cheer our favorite athlete. This is not the case in these past few years.

Working with 4 incredible athletes from Team Canada, such as

a 2x (yes, two-time) Gold Medalist in the Triathalon event, Bolade Ajomale.

Sarah Orban, Gold Medalist Cyclist

Carmel Kallamaa, Rhythmic Gymnast, and

Terence Yeung, Ping Pong Champion

Together we stand

These Canadian athletes are busy, working around the clock,

honing their skills to perfect their performance, Hours of grueling practice,

over and over... to become the best at what they love.

Just them and the track, the court, the pool...

Just them and their focus.

Our Vision

Show unified support for Team Canada through the purchase of bracelets and necklaces which have been made to support our athletes.

Our Mission

Through partnering with

Team Canada,

Commonwealth Games 2022 Canada,

we are working diligently,

designing and creating exclusive pieces

that are not only on mark aesthetically,

but also in quality,

18 k gold plated on stainless, or brass,

jewelry pieces,

Through each piece of jewelry sold from this collection,

a portion of sales goes to supporting Next-Gen Athletes in realizing their dreams.

Our vision is to show up for our team... Team Canada;

getting them to the Commonwealth Games in 2022

You can help by showing your support when you purchase a piece of jewelry from this collection.

It starts with a VOICE. People think 'how can I help?' People don't realize they can help. It's about dialogue... get people talking. The more people we get talking about it, the more people ask "what can I do to help". You can help in 1 or 2 of 2 ways... you can order directly or you can use your social media to spread this post.

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